Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Float-tube Memories

When my Daddy and Kyle were telling us about their "Fathers and Sons Outing" and float-tubing in Grandpa's gear, I had such a flood of good memories of Grampa Links. I love thinking about those peaceful times on the lake watching Grampa out there serenely floating in the middle of the glassy water. His countanance brings so much peace. (Except at a BYU football game, amidst some "bad calls" :) I miss him! I can't imagine how sockety it will be to be reunited with him. So much love.

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Don said...

Kyle and I went fishing with Dad's old float tube gear 10 days ago. We went to Haw's Point at Strawberry. It was Kyle's first time fishing on float tubes. He really loved it! With his wide-brimmed hat and on the blue tube he looked just like a miniature version of Links.

We didn't catch any decent fish, but we had a great time. It is so relaxing to be out there in the cool water, semi-weightless, with nothing to snag your line but the bottom of the lake. And the view is always spectacular.

So we're going again this weekend--this time with 10-year-old Erin. She can hardly wait!